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Why Andrew should guest blog: Part 2

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Because while I spent another evening sleeping, barely functional while adjusting to new medications, he cooked me this Ginger Steamed Halibut with Hana Style Sauce (another Hawaii-inspired recipe!)

He also has the presentation part down better than I do.

This is why Andrew should guest blog:

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Besides the fact that I’m barely keeping up with the writing to go with my cooking lately… and yet I can’t seem to stop cooking in the meantime. It’s like an addiction, plus that having to eat every day problem. What happened to the days I was content eating the same box of macaroni and cheese after class every day? (Oh yeah, that was called college…)

This is not a box of macaroni of cheese. When I asked Andrew if we happened to have any macaroni and cheese on hand he offered me couscous. When I explained why, he suggested that some college kids in India must eat couscous every day.

So while I was busy not writing blog posts, he was looking at a yummy ono fish recipe, remembered from our honeymoon in Hawaii. Reading the ingredients out loud he says, “A mild fish rub or paprika… I have ‘or paprika’.”

To be sure I grabbed our jar of paprika, and a sharpie, and….

Or paprika

On the other hand… maybe guest blogging wouldn’t be such a good idea until Andrew is not so stressed with school. I did overhear him ask “how many cloves of butter” he needed.