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The lemon drop

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There is a series of videos out there that Andrew found – Andrew found and I watch when he does since my ancient desktop does the computer equivalent of hiding in a corner and crying when I ask it to do anything media related – called My Drunk Kitchen. (The videos are not work safe but did I really need to tell you that?) She seems to have gotten quite popular, and with good reason. My first reaction to the videos though was, ‘That’s totally me! If I got drunk while cooking, recorded it and put it on the internet anyway…’

Maybe not, but there’s definitely something in there that I identify with and as my tribute I’m writing about tonight while it’s still tonight – although by now I think I’ve regained enough coherency that this won’t read any differently than any other middle of the night forcing myself to finish a post before bed (and then back-posting the date since while it’s 2am on a Sunday, it’s still Saturday in my head.) [Note, some coherency was added to that very sentence by proofreading and editing.]

Let me go back to the beginning, when it was still Saturday and even daytime. First I’ve caught a mild cold, which is just enough to be a good excuse not to do things I don’t want to, like go to a party of one Andrew’s friends where I won’t know anyone and will feel awkward, but not sick enough to keep me from doing things that I do want to do, like going to set up tattoo consultations with my friend, having dinner afterwards at a cafe, and then deciding that since Andrew’s was going to be out at the party we should get some ice cream, alcohol, and watch movies. (Blame that massive run-on sentence on the alcohol.) I’ve only been married 1.97534246 years but I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of thing you’re supposed to do while the husband’s out for the evening.

So we went to Safeway and got some cheap wine (Selina’s choice), some less cheap wine, and lemons to make lemon drops. To illustrate how cheap cheap wine is, while picking out lemons I realized I just needed one more to spend more on lemons than the cheap wine. We also got some So Delicious coconut milk ice cream, since she’s not eating dairy and I like to experiment. For the record, I think I could actually live with coconut milk ice cream as a replacement if I couldn’t do dairy, and that’s the first non-dairy dairy replacement product I’ve been able to say that about.

I considered being true to the video and making it from memory but I did sneak back and check the recipe. I am not in any claiming this is the best or proper way to make a lemon drop, knowing practically nothing about mixed drinks, it was just the easiest one to bring up on my phone while at the store and didn’t require anything that wasn’t already in my kitchen or able to buy there.


Actually the ingredients didn’t show right away because I have noscript enabled but I guessed correctly equal vodka and lemon juice. Without looking I would have missed the extra sugar in the glass.


  • Add sugar to the rim of an old-fashioned glass

I actually read right over the “old-fashioned glass” part because I was thinking how nice it was that they didn’t tell me what kind of glass I had to use. Since we only own wine glasses and regular drinking glasses, anything I want to look fancy (alcoholic or not) goes in a wine glass.

It doesn’t say here but I read on another page I brought up on my phone while looking up recipes that you rub the lemon on the rim of the glass and then dip it in sugar to make it stick.

So if anyone wonders why there’s a slight lemon taste to our sugar bowl… never mind, I’m the only one who uses that sugar anyway.

  • and drop a cube or packet of sugar into the bottom of the glass

Doing this part second definitely makes more sense than doing it first and then remembering to sugar the rim. And I wasn’t even drinking yet as an excuse.

  • Pour vodka and lemon juice into a stainless steel shaker over ice, and shake until completely cold. Pour into the prepared old-fashioned glass, and serve.

What I actually did – first squeezed some amount of lemon juice (two lemons).

A measuring cup told me it was 1/3 cup so I added the same amount of vodka to the measuring cup.

Then I got fancy and dug out our… not-so-fancy plastic shaker, which came with a bubble tea making kit. Note to everyone – don’t buy cheap bubble tea making kits. It was horrible, but Andrew wanted to keep the shaker because it might be useful someday. You’d think we’d go buy a nice metal one when we were ready for that kind of thing but turns out he was right about being useful someday.

Pour into sugar-rimmed glass. Yes the sugar’s uneven, but come on, it’s my first time!

That’s the cheap wine on the left

Our makeshift coffee table:

I can tell that I don’t drink often because my first thought was, “that’s some weird tasting lemonade!” However the lemon drop is “my” drink, if I get to claim one, because it was my first. My 21st birthday was on a Tuesday, and what interesting happens on a Tuesday? Especially when you’ve just turned 21 and don’t even know how yet to find out if anything interesting happens on a Tuesday. Selina and I wandered Capitol Hill and ended up in the Broadway Grill where I ordered their Broadway Lemon Drop (which looking back seems to be any other lemon drop with their name tacked on, but at the time it was something special, sugar rimmed glass and all.)

Now before I edit the publishing time to make it look like this was written on a Saturday night like it technically is, hit the publish button and go to bed, I’m going to end with my favorite quote from My Drunk Kitchen which I would totally make the motto for this site if I wasn’t blatantly stealing it:

“When cooking it’s important to remember… use food.”