Andrew’s yellow rice

Andrew: Now that’s lazy blogging.
Me: What, letting you cook and writing about it?
Andrew: Not even cooking, I’m throwing stuff in the rice cooker.

I asked Andrew to make me some yellow rice since I failed my last attempt, and it’s a known fact that food tastes better when someone else makes it for you. Some good examples:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Garlic toast
Cheesy bread
Cheesy garlic bread

We’ll just say anything bread related tastes better when it comes out of someone else’s toaster.


  • Rice. Andrew says he uses the long-grain but it probably doesn’t matter. It’s just the only rice in the kitchen that isn’t already claimed for a specific purpose.

    When I asked how much he said, “This much,” holding up the measuring cup that came with the rice cooker.

  • Butter, about a tablespoon. This is also why someone else cooking for you is better, because the calories don’t count as much when you can’t see them going in.
  • “Yellow” aka Turmeric. Sprinkled on, unmeasured, but definitely not tablespoon(s?) like I did.


  • Turn on rice cooker. Shower. Let the rice cooker god do it’s magic.
  • Enjoy magic yellow rice.

Also here is something not lazy I did recently:

It started with a box… specifically the box the blurry cat is laying on in the background. The project was delayed a few days due to unexpected cat-on-box-ness.

And when you finish this, you’re going to learn how to focus the camera on the right object, right?”

Three sides were cut out and a seamless background panel added. Morgan inspects the work before I’m allowed to proceed.

After adding tissue paper the sides, I have a decent photography light box for about $5 of material, that much because I insisted on buying the box new. I ran out of the fancy white tape I’ve had since who knows when and had to finish with the black masking tape I’ve definitely had since art school, but outside aesthetics don’t matter here.

Now I can take fancy pictures like this:

  1. Betty says:

    You are so right about food being better when someone else makes it. My Mother use to make the best tea and toast. Simple things are the best.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Rebecca! I was looking to rent some commercial restaurant space to do some of my baked goods at a low volume. I saw you posted a comment on the Four Seasons site earlier this year. Did you get your baking business off the ground?

    If you are still looking to rent, perhaps we can share a time to go experiment what the kitchen is like. Let me know either way. Cool blog! 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hey, thanks for reading… I intended this year to do the planning and next year to actually start spending money on things like business licenses and kitchen and all so no the business isn’t off the ground yet.

    I have been trying to look around to see if there are any cheaper alternatives for starting out and testing the waters. The Seattle community centers told me it still counts as commercial use (not allowed) even if I don’t expect to make a profit but recommended churches who often have kitchen space.

    What are you going to be making exactly? I wouldn’t mind trading information, even if you are technically competition. 😛

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