The day I tried to make an omelet

I’ve been a bit fixated on eggs lately, possibly because the amount of eggs that go into all of the brownies I’ve been making remind me that they exist. Also with the snow days and holidays, they make a good mid-day meal (a.k.a. lunch) which I usually forget to eat until dinnertime when I’m not working.

At Thanksgiving I overheard instructions on how to make an omelet, and decided it’s time to graduate from scrambled eggs. (I knew how to make those when I was five…)

For my omelet I first gathered the filling:

  • sliced ham
  • half a very small onion, sliced
  • chopped garlic
  • grated cheddar cheese
  • green onions (last minute addition for color)

I wasn’t sure if garlic went in an omelet but I asked Andrew, who has the same pro-garlic leanings that I do, and he said yes.

I first fried the filling ingredients, except for the cheese, in a bit of butter until the onions were translucent and the garlic fragrantly cooked.

In the same pan I melted more butter and when it was hot added the eggs (three). “I’m really doing this,” I thought.

Following what I (over)heard I pushed the cooked egg into the center of the pan to let the runny part run to the edges and cook. This was working great up to a point, until the whole pan had a thin layer of runny egg with nowhere to go.

At this point I was sure I had done something wrong, and decided to flip it to cook the other side.

Well you can see how that turned out.

I added the filling and did my best to “fold” what was left. I was so focused on making sure the eggs got fully cooked that I forgot to add the cheese and had to go back and stuff it in as best I could afterward.

Gonna be a while before they’ll hire me as a Denny’s chef.

But for the record, garlic and eggs = YES.

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