“Eat me”

I started my massive Christmas baking today. Unfortunately for the blog, this means lots and lots of time spent in the kitchen, and nothing new to write about since I’ve already covered all of this all in my test runs:

Test run #1 – Peanut butter brownies (not so good but my coworkers loved them)
Test run #2 – Chocolate brownies (Winner)
Test run #3 – Peanut butter brownies (Winner)
Test run #4 – Andes Mint brownies (Big winner)

Four batches made tonight – the peanut butter ones use a smaller pan so I have to make twice as many to keep up. I’m exhausted and not even halfway done by my count.

I did think I would hate for someone to get a box, and knowing that it was a Christmas present, hold onto it unopened until Christmas day. So to make sure people knew there were treats inside, I came up with these adorable Alice In Wonderland inspired stickers.

I promise that while my brownies will eventually make you larger if you eat enough of them, it will take more than a pan-full before you’ll need a new house.

  1. Shteevie says:

    Some brownie tricks I have picked up over the years:

    1- make normal chocolate brownies, and slice snickers or baby ruth candy bars the long way. If you can get them thin enough [freeze before slicing] you can get candy in the shape of strips of bacon. At 3/4s of the way through the baking time, lay your candy bar strips across the top of the brownies so they melt and set in the tops. [If you do this too soon, the nuts and things might sink into the brownies and lessen the effect.]

    2- substitute some of the water-based liquid in your brownie recipe with pitted/halved cherries, pears [use bartlett] or raspberries.

    3- You can never go wrong with Andes mints. Those are always good.

    4- Sub half of your chocolate with Nutella. ‘Nuff said.

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