About the blogger

My favorite thing about cooking has been that I now have a universal, socially-acceptable hobby to talk about in groups. (I know interest in sports also serves this purpose for many people.) People like food, whether they make it themselves or not. People like eating food and people talking about food.

I love photography but my skills have degraded since my art school days and I just use a plain old point-and-shoot digital camera. My husband however bought a digital SLR a while back which I would be jealous of, if I didn’t just have to grab it from his desk whenever I wanted to use it. My food photography is atrocious but I hope to improve that in the future.

I’m a not-hardcore-but-still-spend-too-much-time-in-front-of-the-screen gamer. As I said here, the blog name was inspired by my game of choice, but it’s the only reference I’ll make if I can help it. I’m a computer geek to non-computer people. I’m a lapsed artist, feeling guilt over using pre-build templates.

I sometimes worry that I write too much, but I reassure myself that if people are just looking for recipes without commentary, there are plenty of places to find those.

Please don’t judge my credibility by my timestamps. I’m also a nightowl, which means I often get done writing after midnight and tweak the hour to post on the intended date. I also have a backlog of posts, some written and some still in my head, from before the blog became official. I knew that no one goes back to a new blog with nothing but a “there will be content here soon!” post, and at the same time they won’t necessarily read the archives if I go live with a season of posts already up. As long as no one’s looking in my window, I figure it shouldn’t matter if I post about what I actually had for dinner that night. (It was probably takeout anyway.)