About the blog

Things I can Cook and Things I Can’t Cook was the unofficial title of a collection of recipes I wanted to share with some friends and family, along with my experience of learning to cook them. Without an official place to write though, the commentary ultimately stayed in my head. The recipes, however, I began printing out and put into a binder which I titled, “Neiko’s old Tavnazian Cookbook”.

My “cookbook” has since expanded from a half-inch binder to two one-inch “volumes”, and many more recipes collect in the ‘to-try’ folder on my computer. The name itself is a Final Fantasy XI reference, which means you either understand already or will politely wait for me to get on with the story, so I’ll just say that I keep it safely in the northeast corner of my desk.

Since coming up with the idea I’ve asked myself, how are you, who not a year ago was known for living off of take-out Thai food, qualified to write about cooking? A voice in the back of my head still pops up and says, “what are you doing? You hate cooking!” So I am writing from the experience of someone who decided to bake cookies for Christmas gifts one year, with the implied gift being learning to bake in the first place… who suddenly decided that being able to feed yourself without a box is a good idea, and isn’t half bad at it these days… who now owns spices and a spice rack… and who still indulges that voice once in a while with take-out because yellow curry is on the “Things I Can’t Cook” list.